Law and Structure

Before beginning work as a Weird Scout, each member must, under discomfort of embarrassment, understand and commit to memory the following Weird Scout law:

  1. A weird scout is curious.
  2. A weird scout is cautious.
  3. A weird scout is enchanting.
  4. A weird scout is fiery.
  5. A weird scout is watery.
  6. A weird scout is shadowy.
  7. A weird scout is inventive.
  8. A weird scout is passionate.
  9. A weird scout is powerful.
  10. A weird scout is dangerous.
  11. A weird scout is sideways.
  12. A weird scout is puzzling.
  13. A weird scout is wise.

Note: This law must be recited forwards, backwards, from all midpoints, and in inverse before proceeding. We have taken the liberty of creating the following, easy-to-pronounce mnemonic to aid you in your memorization: CCEFWSIPPDSPW, pronounced as written.

Astute counters may notice that there are thirteen rules in Weird Scout law. This is no coincidence; all mature sentient crystals have thirteen points, and we have followed their example. An explanation of these tenants can be found in the following chapter, or on the backs of certain leaves and rocks that we have hidden throughout these great United States.

As an introduction to the structure of the Weird Scouts of America, the organization is promoted and governed by a group called the Council of Owls, although it is not currently known whether those sitting on the Council are human or, in fact, owls. The Council holds one meeting per celestial age at which it elects the officers and members of the Executive Board. The treasurer, for unknown reasons, is not elected, but is instead appointed by a sentient beam of light that sometimes attends meetings.

Local councils are created spontaneously. You may have already created one in your neck of the wastes just by willing it into existence!

By way of psychic resonance, local councils tend to attract a group of boys, girls, and shadow-children in need of a Scout Lord. The Scout Lord, in charge of the safety of the group, will appear when he is needed most, and will report to the Council of Owls when he/she/it deems it appropriate. Assistant Scout Lords may be appointed.

Through the accomplishment of various tasks of learning and enchanting, Weird Scouts may attain the following ranks:

  1. Fledgling Scout
  2. Termite Scout
  3. Winged Scout
  4. Ether Scout
  5. Void Scout, second class
  6. Void Scout, first class
  7. Unending Scout

An explanation of the requirements for advancement to these ranks will follow in a later chapter.


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