Weird Scout Motto, Oath, and Salute

The motto of the Weird Scouts of America is “expect anything,” and the designated tattoo of a weird scout is a copyrighted design depicting a single suspicious eye peering to the left. 

The motto, “expect anything,” means that the scout is always in a state of at least mild suspicion. It is impossible to to know whether the scrying-stones are playing a practical joke, or whether mysterious strangers met represent mundane or magical interests, whether they are friends, foes, or simple illusions. However, this motto also extends to a sense of optimism and curiosity. When anything is expected, one may also expect good things to happen: a shower of silver coins, a blessed merchant-bard, a legionnaire from a friendly and prosperous empire.

The tattoo, which appears spontaneously as a boy/girl/shadow-being embraces the tenants of weird scouting, is a reminder of this happy suspicion. The design itself has been compared to the mythical Eye of Horus, but this is entirely coincidental. Some have suggested that it was, in fact, the Weird Scouts of America that first copyrighted the design, but this claim is contested by the roving hordes of Egyptologists who roam the wastes. Regardless of who holds the copyright, as the tattoo appears seemingly without the direct consent of the Council of Owls or even the tattooee, all normal means of legal enforcement are ineffective.

When the weird scout ascends to the highest levels of scouting, attaining the title of Unending Scout, he/she/it will find that the tattoo has changed. The pupil will no longer peer suspiciously to the left, but instead straight ahead, and like a cursed painting follow the viewer’s gaze. Some have suggested that this shape does not represent an eye, but rather a visored helmet, symbolizing the exploration of new and exciting planes and places that is expected of an Unending Scout. Still others have suggested that it is a representation of the nucleus of a polybyium atom. The world may never know the truth, and this seems appropriate, since there have yet to be any individuals to ascend to the rank of Unending Scout.

Regardless, It is this shape that adorns the front cover of every copy of the Weird Scouts Handbook.


The Weird Scout Oath is as follows:

On my honor, I will never fail:

  1. To do my duty to the Council of Owls and no one else;
  2. To seek out odd and exciting sources of information and mayhem;
  3. To regard each entity I encounter with respect, but not too much; and
  4. To keep myself psychically strong, magically awake, and morally ambiguous.

When taking this oath, the weird scout raises his/her/its hand, with four fingers pointed to the sky as a reminder of these four precepts. If the weird scout has the standard number of fingers, this gesture will appear much like a high-five, although the Weird Scouts of America also maintain that this gesture has been co-opted by the non-scouting population and each incidence of high-fiving is really an infringement upon our intellectual and magical property. We may, in time, sue for damages.

When meeting another weird scout, it is customary to make this gesture (“high-fouring,” as it is known) with one another. While meetings between weird scouts are exceedingly rare as our numbers are spread thin between dimensions, one must, of course, expect anything.

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